imprinted celestial epoch

watch this space.

Do you want to know where your imprinted self is from because I want to know from where you think you are from. You may have an inkling ( slight knowledge or suspicion )of your unknown origin. There is an answer to your origins because you are imprinted with the answer.

The whole Universe knows nothing about any religions, denominations, cult's, sect's history of/on this Earth. These are all man made narrtives that require believers in order to operate because they have shown you the people their way for a God interaction interpretation. The so called Messiah has always been here, no need to wait. Everything you need or want to know is already imprinted within you. You the people are from the Gods, that is, you are born from the God's, same as the coral reef spawning. You the people are the Gods. The weight of confusion will be lifted when you realise it/this.. Even the enlightened man Jesus said "the Father is within you" It's just you havn't evolved enough yet to be enlighten by your imprinted knowledge but instead you confuse yourselves by seeking any sanctum for your solace. Jesus efforts were to impart to the masses self enlightenment by the evolving of your imprinted knowledge, the Father Jesus refers too is not of God but the whole Universe to understand ones being. The cause for the occurence when Jesus first realised whom his Father is, was not understood even by Jesus but in Jesus times it would have made sense that God is the Father where in fact it was Jesus imprinetd knowledge revealing its presence to Jesus.

All humans are in search for an answer, an answer to "why we are". Some humans have taken advantage of their imprinted knowledge to benefit all humans of Earth. Nikola Tesla is a classic example, he quotes that his knowledge just comes from out there. In human history there have been many brilliant minds whom come up with answer's to benefit humaninty and hurl the world forward into a new way of thinking and doing. This is growth/ evolution of the thinking brain, a chemical form to comunicate is the awakening of oneself. That encoding is the formulae, the Iteration math function unto itself which is the imrpinted knowledge. No God lent a hand in the fusing of elemnts formulae to form inteligent species. Evolution is a deletion process of hosts by the imprinted knowledge form within, hence the missing link, because it does not require the memory of its past goal achievements towards its final form of the inteligent species nor has the imprinted knowledeg have any religious beliefs attached to it, it knows not of any scriptures nor religions beliefs of/on this Earth nor does the whole Uninverse.

We are connected nevertheless. Einstein is another classic example of being connected and he could'nt explain why but he took advantage of the connection to benefit humanity and humanity holds praise for Einstein and his achievements more so because in the life time of Einstein, people were aware anyway of advancedment across the board and easily accepted new ways of thinking and doing. Unfortunately for Jesus ( an attuned new age sensitive guy of the time) whom was enlightened but could not explain to the people where he was receiving his information from. Jesus said, "I am receiving message's from my Father", a father that is out there everywhere. The people could'nt see his father physically nor could their brains comprehend a father out there, where!, so they nailed Jesus to a cross and the rest is history. You got to feel for Jesus being the man to be enlightened and not by choice and not knowing that he is imprinted with information. One must remeber that Jesus did not have a religion. Still somehow he new where his connection was coming from and why he is and must do.

Some people can actually pin point an area from the visible night sky and point to where they come from. Do your homework and you will find many individuals over the years whom have claimed they are from out there only to not being taken seriously and instead being taken as not all there. ( putting it lightly). I cannot dispel what these people are saying, more so, i see it that they are being genuine, irrespective of the consequences to themselves, by the lack of knowledge from the masses whom deny the possibility. I say that they, if you can harness your connection, your life will be full, so much so that you would not be in search of "why we/you are" and therefore would not require the security of a congregation for your inner sanctum. There is nothing wrong with seeking a sanctum for your solace and learning, we humans have been doing it forever and will continue too until we have a final answer to our question ie "why are we"? So let's dabble in congregations, denominations, branches off denominations, strange belief groups, cults, sects whom all beleive in something they think is correct but they all dont have a final answer to explain why we are and from. I shall explain, please read on.

our god

your god

their god

whose god

Do your homework! Wikipedia is a great tool to use to get a great insite and understanding of all denomination beliefs. I'm thinking, I will not mention the name of any denomination, branches of denominatios, strange belief groups, cults,sects, devotion to one deity groups because they all have one thing in common and that is they believe in a God or a supreme Deity or great devotion to a person, idea or thing. (Some denominations know where their God is and some denominations dont know where their God is). I say one thing in common but it is a couple things in common but collectively the real one thing they all have in common is riddles. All denominations type's ive mentioned and all religious preaching organisations, groups, churches etc, all preach in riddles because their scriptures are full of riddles. You will never get a straight answer to your question, questions you have a right to ask and recieve a correct answer. Unfortunately you will not recieve the right answer because the preacher nor the scriptures have the right answer to "why we are" or from. Why we are would refer to why are we here and how did we get here and what is our purpose and future.

Now if you are happy with your chosen beliefs then I am very happy for you but you should also know an "alternative belief" especially if there is no riddle to the question of why we are and from and whats our purpose and more so a belief that is up for debate should you question the answer of "why we are" or from. I have had a deep good look at all preachings and scriptures and I have only come up with riddles and more confusion. I am expected to just believe, just blieve without question, which told me the preachers and scriptures do not have the answer to " why we are"or from and our purpose, more so, no one can explain the elusive God that we are expected to believe exist or even where God is. It's easy to say God is out there but this is a vast universe and knowing that the travel brochures do not offer a trip to take us there, how convinient, I'm expected to just believe and believe in the second coming.

Do your homework. I can say that all denominations have come very close to the answer but some how have lost the plot and prefered to stay in the current mainstream of preachings, I'm thinking it's just a good business to be into, There is no product to manufacture and no maintenance and the current preachings have worked for eons so why change anything. The fear of God are the only words they will require to stay in business. As I've said, the preachings have come very close to the answer of "why we are" but have failed to find or say the answer. Have a look at old father Hubbard ( L.Ron Hubbard), you know what he started ( like i said, i'm not mentioning any denominations). Hubbard questioned existance and concluded western acadimea held no answers. Though old father Hubbard was an author of science fiction and fantasy stories, he must have been surprised to find that people liked reading his narratives, so he ran with that and the end result is his business legacy. Old father Hubbard was so close to the answer of "why we are" or from but unfortunately he lost the plot and opted for the business which to this day it's organiser's still dont know the answer to say to their followers. I say that old father Hubbard initially was attuned to being imprinted which enlightened him to seek or even had the answer to "why we are" and where he was from but did'nt realize it and opted for the business venture of things.

Briefly, have a look at the Artist Giger works. This artist is imprinted,he may not realize that he is attuned or choose to ignore it because it's easier that way than trying to punish ones self searching, but, given the strained confusing look on his face, Giger would be better off to have really accepted that he is imprinted but only if he is in search for his solace and knowing. Do your homework and you will find many attuned imprinted individuals.

There is one whom knows he is imprinted. One Karl M Willigut whom knows exactactly where he is from and claimed to be in the tradition of a long line of mystic teachers reaching back into prehistoric times and claims to have spiritual powers that allowed direct access to genetic memories of his ancestors thousands of years in the past. Though his wife had him committed for a few years ( more so due to lack of not being a good family provider) Willigut persued his imprinted beliefs. I say, if his wife stuck by him and believed the possibility, the rewards would have been great for her and all. Nevertheless, though knowledge was passed on to Karl Willigut by his Grandfather, Willigut was enlightened that he was imprinted with the knowledge of where he is from in the wider universe. Willigut states that Krist ( Christ) the real and first Christ was of the Germanic figure, all other religions following copied, not only copied but seeked/seemed to destroy the first true religion, Irminism. Karl Willigut also claims to know of a time when the Earth had three suns around 288 thousand years ago. Karl Willigut is imprinted with knowledge to pin point in the Universe where his ancestors come from. Do your homework on Karl M Willigut. There is a resurgemnet concerning his beliefs and look at logically.

The Australian Aborigines are the closest yet to have been to where we are from to answer "why we are". Though they have many Gods, forms of Gods as does the Egyptian's, the Australian Aborigines Gods are often depicted in some tangible recognisable form. This form may be in an landscape feature or an image in a rock. Their Dreamtime is the Creation Period beliefs. Though they can read the stars and pinpoint there interests in the night sky which means they are imprinted with the knowledage to be attuned, they chose to, through passed on narratives, live a life of awareness for survival and instead, through no fault of their own, be frightened of the boogie man, a boogie man that are themselves.

Boogie man

Time capsule

Survival map


who are we

We are ICE ( Imprinted Celestial -Epoch), the imprinted knowledge that was formed by the fusing of elements, which formed the inteligent species and enlightened our brain of its presence and of its origines too "why we are" and of the arrival from our celestial position at a particular period ( epoch) of time events. We have beliefs, beliefs in God, albeit not in the current or histories way of looking at it. We are of goodwill, the same as it has always been because it is in the imprinted elements formulae within of all persons.

We are dotted globally and without a building structure or a figurehead to impress you with. Our illustrious leader is not illustrious at all because our leader is not well known nor admired for any past achievements. However our leader is the imprinted elements of a person whom is attuned and enlightened and does not dispel a fellow imprinted element of a person's belief's. The answer is in our illustrious teacher of "why we are" and from as it is in the masses.

"A word from our evolved enlightened one."

" my imprinted knowledge has evolved to enlighten me just like what happened to Jesus, and not by choice." I am enlightened too what the cause was/is for the occurence upon Jesus when he first came to the realisation whom his Father is.

" no person, preacher nor religions can explain the cause for the occurence when Jesus first realised whom his Father is"

" no person, preacher nor religions can explain what the cause for the occurence was when God first came to the realisation that he? is a God"

" no person, preacher nor any religion can heal you. You are on your own, because the physical hand of Jesus is not here to touch you".

" I do not require any sanctum nor narratives for my solace just like Jesus didn't".

" any words after Jesus words are insignificant, they are not novel." Current preachers, teachers, prophets plagiarise the words of Jesus to justify their beliefs and confuse their followers, they will plagiarise any site to seek novel words to convey to their followers to justify themselves"

" evolve thee"

" you are all imprinted within with the knowledge of understanding too everything which will evolve and enlighten yourselves.

As the Coral reef spawning occurs in the Australian Great Barrier Reef, you also will be attuned of your arrival and we will be enlihgtened. Combine with us if you are seeking.

Welcome to your unprecedented journey. You are from the Gods, You are the Gods.

For those whom believe that a God created the Universe, then surely you wouldnt just believe that inteligent life only exists on this Earth and no where else in the Universe. Whats always been in question and still has not been answered adequately is, " the missing link" , which does have an answer in it's simplicity. Evolution is a deletion process. Evolution is " everything blows over"

A nominal value applies should you decide to combine as an ICE. You will receive our Logo in pin form solely to remind you of your origins. Or simply just ask a question freely. Contact.